Surveyor Introduction

You have been selected to join an elite group of survey professionals: those performing in the very specialized world of airport surveys. Gathering high-accuracy aeronautical information requires specific tasks and deliverables some of which may be all-new to a traditional land surveyor.

The documents and information on this web site ensure you have the right tools to complete your work in a timely and efficient manner. The FAA, in concert with the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Aeronautical Survey Program, developed these materials. If you need more clarification, or have suggestions on how to make the process easier, please let us know.

FAA Form Downloads

Download All as zip file, or as individual files below:

Survey and Quality Control Plan Templates & Checklist
Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)
AC 150/5300-18B Chapter 5 Geographic Format Templates

Full Versions:

Instrument Procedure Development (IPD) Version: This version is to be used for all survey types involving instrument procedure change review or new procedure development.