Airports GIS

Airports GIS Help Desk

The Airports GIS Help Desk provides prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous support either online, over the phone or by email. Our Help Desk aims to resolve all requests for assistance on the same day it is submitted. If a request cannot be resolved by the Help Desk, it is escalated to our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

You can submit issue or trouble tickets directly to the Airports GIS Support Desk using your Airports GIS user account or by calling the toll-free number 202-580-7505.

While creating the issue ticket, provide enough information for us to answer your question. We want to know the criteria in question (for example, AC 150/5300-18B) and the criterion date. ACs go through several editions, so we need to pinpoint your issue. If the issue is related to a current project, also provide the relevant Airports GIS Project Number and/or the airport location identifier.

If you donít have an account, register for a new user account at the Airports GIS web site. When you get an email notification, you can track or review ticket resolution by clicking the email link.

Once logged into the Help Desk, you can also search topics in the Help Desk tickets collection, a knowledge base available to everyone. Currently, this database is available under FAQs.

We encourage you to provide feedback on the Airports GIS program and the ACs that support it. Without your feedback, we may never know of an issue or error.