Airports Geographic Information System (Airports GIS)

The Airports Geographic Information System (Airports GIS) helps the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) collect airport and aeronautical data to meet the demands of the Next Generation National Airspace System.

Guided by Advisory Circulars (ACs), the Airport Sponsor or proponents are key links in the information chain. Use this Airports GIS web application to access airport data and submit changes matching defined business rules. FAA lines of business are notified once data has been submitted and approved.

Airports GIS Login

FAA personnel (employees and contractors) are required to login via My Access. Non-FAA login directly to the system (without My Access).

Airports GIS User Registration

Need an account?  |  See the New User Registration form.  |  FAA personnel should login to My Access before using this form.

IMAGERY Deliveries to FAA

Two imagery requirements exist: ORTHO and RAW. To insure the RAW imagery is delivered to NGS in a timely manner please make sure you do the following: