Airports GIS

Contractor Safety and Security - Training Comes First

Airports provide a unique working environment for the surveyor. Besides normal safety and operating procedures, airports have additional concerns such as security, movement and non-movement areas, radio control areas, and critical areas around navigational aids.

Before beginning work, a member of the airport team must conduct an indoctrination briefing for the survey team, then lead a walk around the airport. During this trip the surveyor gets an idea of the complexity of airport operations.

The airport operator must ensure that everyone driving a vehicle or working on the tarmac is familiar with radio communications, speed limits, navigational aid critical areas, and other factors. Standardized signs and markings on the runways and taxiways help, but since each airport is different, each has its own complexities.

Each airport should have a Ground Vehicle Operations Training Program and Manual. The survey team should attend the program and receive a copy of the manual before starting work on the airside. If your team does not receive training or a manual, ask for it.

Survey teams working on or near runways at airports without an air traffic control tower must maintain a constant radio vigil with the tower. If radio communication is lost, the tower signals with a light gun. Light gun signals have different meanings for vehicles and personnel, aircraft on the ground, and aircraft in flight. The survey team must know these signals and keep a chart available for quick reference.

Knowing and following these general precautions and other local requirements, are part of your job. Remember that safety is your concern.