Validation Summary & Validation Errors

Validation reports are produced after a Survey File Upload. The report lists itemized features, grouped by features and color-coded, with Passed, Failed, or Warning tags.

(Note screenshots are for illustration only.)

To access Validation Summary and Validation Errors reports:

  1. From the Airports GIS home page, click My Survey Projects.

  1. Select a Project Number.

The Project Summary page displays.

  1. Click the Survey tab.

The Survey Details page displays.

  1. Click the Validation Summary tab to view the report.

The Validation Summary report displays overall errors detected during validation.

  1. To view detailed errors, click the Validation Errors tab.

  1. Click to select detailed explanations of errors for each feature.

If necessary, go back to your survey file, fix the errors, then re-upload your survey file for validation again. You may have to repeat Upload Validation Re-Upload more than once.

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