Upload Statement of Work (SOW)

The FAA considers the Statement of Work (SOW) a project proposal between the airport sponsor and the FAA.

After you create a new project, the airport should provide an SOW for the ADO/Region to review and concur (or not). The SOW will also be reviewed by others working on the project (FAA Headquarters, NGS) so it is essential to lay out what tasks the consultant was given.

The SOW should detail the scope of services provided (all in compliance with AC 150/5300-18, AC 150/5300-17, and AC 150/5300-16). The SOW should also detail the entire project – or its end goal – for evaluation. The Airports GIS web site provides sample SOWs (templates) for the airport sponsor to follow. Consultants and surveyors are encouraged to assist.

(Note screenshots are for illustration only.)

To upload the SOW for evaluation:

  1. Select Projects > My Survey Projects.
  2. Click a Project Number to display its Project Summary page.

You can see your project status and next action.

  1. Click the SOW/Concurrence tab.

The system displays the SOW and Project Concurrence page. Here you can upload your SOW.

  1. Click the Add a Document link.

A dialogue box prompts you to upload the SOW. The file must be a PDF.

  1. Use the Browse button to locate your SOW. Click Submit to upload your SOW PDF.

Once uploaded, the system posts your SOW on the SOW and Project Concurrence page.

  1. Enter Comments if needed.
  2. Click Submit to complete the process.

Once the SOW is submitted, the system displays “There are no pending actions for you.”

The system automatically notifies the ADO or Regional Office to review and concur (or not) with your project.

Once the SOW is concurred, the system unlocks the Plans tab for you to upload your survey plans.

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