Test a Survey File

Airports GIS provides a testing environment to see if your survey file validates. You can check if your CAD layers (or features) and their attributes comply with the FAA’s data standards and requirements. If your submission has errors, Airports GIS generates Validation Summary and Validation Error reports to show the root of your problem. You can re-upload your survey test file as many times as necessary to resolve errors.

(Note screenshots are for illustration only.)

  1. To access the testing facility, click the Test a Survey File link on the My Tools pane of the home page.

  1. The system prompts for the airport location ID or airport name. Enter the airport name or ID and press Submit.

The Survey File Upload page displays.

  1. Select which Advisor Circular with which your survey file complies. Choices are 150/5300-18A or 150/5300-18B.
  2. Click BROWSE to locate and select the survey file to load. The file must be zipped.
  3. Select the survey file format. For example, Autocad DWG/DXF.
  4. Select the appropriate coordinate system. For example, MI83-SIF (NAD83 Michigan State Planes, Southern Zone, Intnl Foot (EPSG #2253).
  5. Check if the data complies with AC 150/5300-18. Otherwise specify the horizontal and vertical values as feet at 95% confidence level.
  6. Optional. If you think more information is necessary, enter a Description in the provided box.
  7. Click Submit to start the upload and automatic validation.

Upon upload, the system extracts your data and transforms it into airport features.

The system then validates the features to make sure they comply with the airport feature specifications of AC 150/5300-18A or 150/5300-18B.

The system displays the Survey File Details page to show the progress of transformation and validation.

When finished, the system provides Validation Summary and Validation Errors reports.

The Validation Summary tab displays overall errors detected during validation.

  1. To see detailed errors, click the Validation Errors tab.

Here you can select a detailed explanation for each error.

If necessary, go back to your survey file, fix the errors, then re-upload your survey file for validation again. You may have to repeat the Upload Validation Re-Upload process more than once.

The system retains your Survey File Details test page from one logon session to the next, or until you click Start a New Survey File Test.

The test Survey File Details lists other functions for your test data:

Survey File Download

Feature Viewer

Re-Upload Survey File

Change Survey Parameters

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