Project Summary

When you select one of My Survey Projects, the system displays the Project Summary page.

It gives you a snapshot of your current project, your data and file submissions and their approval/verification status, and your next action. You can also review surveying plans and data and add comments. Think of it as your project management page.


Project Information

This block gives a snapshot of the project, including type, creator, airport, and category. It states the Purpose of the survey and how it will be verified.


Airport Sponsor Information

This block identifies the person responsible for the project, with their contact information.


Schedule Dates

Here you set a Target Operational Date, and the system works backwards to establish deadlines.


Click Change Target Operational Date. A calendar pops up. Select a date.

The system automatically adjusts the dates. Note some dates may have already passed, so may be flagged in red.

· FPO Deadline is the day by which the Flight Procedures Office (FPO) can assess the impact of the new project.

· NGS Deadline is the day the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) can verify the location information.

· NFDC Deadline is the date the National Flight Data Center (NFDC) is notified of the change.

· Proposed Operational Date is the day the project becomes usable. For example, the actual day a new runway extension opens for landings.

· AIRAC Publication Date is the day the Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control (AIRAC) information becomes available. This is either 28 days or 56 days, depending on the cycle. Users can then update their flight management systems (FMS).

If you haven’t chosen a date for your project, the system notes “not yet set”.

Surveyor/Consultant Information

Here you assign a surveyor or other consultant (such as an architect) to a project. The system presents a list of approved surveyors. You can choose one of them or submit your own expert, subject to approval.


Until you assign someone, the systems notes, “no surveyor/consultant associated”.

Project History & Documents

Here you see a transaction log of all project activities. Information includes when a plan or data was submitted, who approved/disapproved a plan or data, notes, comments, and project status reports.


· Click Add New Note to include an update.

· Click View All History to see all transactions associated with the project.

· Click View All Documents for a list of supporting material.

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