Project Concurrence

As the FAA Airports GIS role, you work with an airport sponsor whose project has been initiated. You review the Statement of Work (SOW) and any supporting documents to decide whether or not to concur with the project. You will also determine if the project scope involves safety-critical data such that all key stakeholders (Airports Sponsor, FPO, NGS and NFDC) should be advised of the airport target operational date.

(Note screenshots are for illustration only.)

  1. Select Projects > My Survey Projects.

The My Survey Projects page displays.

  1. Click a Project Number.

The Project Summary page displays with the project status and your next action.

  1. Click SOW/Concurrence.

The SOW and Project Concurrence page displays. Your next action is to concur (or not) the project.

  1. Review the project.

  1. Decide if the project involves safety-critical data. If so, click Yes under Safety Critical Features.

  1. Enter Comments in the box.


  1. The page redisplays showing your approval/disapproval and comments. The system advises “There are no pending actions for you.”

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