System Overview

The FAA Airport Data and Information Program is a collaborative system and the core component of the Airports GIS (Geographic Information System) portal web site. It is designed to be intuitive and supportive. For instance, all your activities can be initiated from the home page. The information displayed on the My Survey Projects page reflects your registered or designated Airports GIS role.

Any airport survey or existing data project is initiated by an airport sponsor, then reviewed and accepted by the FAA Office of Airports.

Once the FAA approves the new project, the airport sponsor (or designated consultant or surveyor) can submit survey plans and data into the Airports GIS system. At each step, the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) verifies and approves or disapproves the plan and supplemental data.

When the surveyors upload the final survey data, the system automatically validates it and generates a validation report. The airport sponsor (or designate) can review their submitted data and make any necessary changes. NGS uses all provided information to verify the final survey.

Once the final survey file passes validation and verification, the survey information is stored permanently in the Airports GIS database to be accessible to end users.

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