Create New eALP Project

As an Airport Sponsor or Multiple Airport Authority, you can create a new eALP project from the Projects menu bar, or from the eALP Projects pane on the Airports GIS Home page.
(Screen shots are provided below for illustration purposes only.)

eALP projects pane

  1. Select your Airport from the drop-down list. Check the eALP Project Type and if applicable provide the AIP Grant Number, NRA, PFC, or ACIP Order Code.
  2. Click Next.

    New eALP Project Form

    The system displays the confirmation form.

    New eALP Project Form confirmation

    Verify and confirm your project set up and requirements.

  3. To correct or adjust any previous choices, click Back.

  4. To complete the process, press Submit.

    The system assigns an project number to your new eALP project. It shows the Project Summary page and your next action.

    (The following sample eALP Project Summary page of the PVG Airport is for demonstration purposes.)

    eALP Project Summary page

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