My Survey Projects

The My Survey Projects page lists all projects that fall within your role.

Click Projects > My Survey Projects or use the Survey Projects pane on the FAA Airports Surveying Home page.

Columns in My Survey Projects are sortable. Just click on the column heading.

To activate a search filter, click the +Add Filter hyperlink and enter your search criteria.

To learn more about a project, click a Project Number to open a Project Summary page.

If you have a long list of projects, narrow it down using the handy Record Filter tool.

  1. Click the +Add Filter link. This turns on the Record Filter tool.

  1. Enter your search criteria (one or more entries), then click Apply Filter.

The project list redisplays according to your search criteria.

  1. To shorten your result list, enter search criteria in more than one column.

Note you lose the filter when you move to another page.

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