Survey Final Report

The Final Report option becomes available at the end of the Survey File Upload process. After you review and resolve all errors detected during validation, you can submit the Final Survey Report to close out the project and begin National Geodetic Survey (NGS) verification of the survey data.

(Note screenshots are for illustration only.)

  1. On the Project Summary page, click the Survey tab.

The Survey File Details page displays.

  1. Click the Final Report box.

A Survey Final Report page displays.

  1. Click the Add Document link to upload the final report.

A dialogue box prompts you to upload the final report. It must be a PDF file.

  1. Click Browse to locate your report.
  1. Click Submit to upload your report.

  1. Optional. Enter Comments in the box.
  1. Click Submit to complete the process.

  1. Your final report is posted on the Survey Final Report page.

The system indicates your next action is Submit (the final report to NGS) for Verification.

  1. Click the Survey tab to refresh the Survey File Details page.
  1. Click Submit for Verification to notify NGS that your final report is ready.

A status message shows, “There are no pending actions for you…”

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