Survey Feature Viewer & Map Navigation

The Feature Viewer option becomes available after you complete the Survey File Upload.

Feature Viewer is a graphic display tool that lets you choose individual airport features, a group of features, or all features from your survey file. It has basic zoom and re-center buttons. An advanced feature viewer (Airports GIS Viewer) with many more controls will be available in Phase 2.

(Note screenshots are for illustration only.)

To access Feature Viewer:

  1. From the Airports GIS home page, click My Survey Projects. Or click Projects > My Survey Projects.
  1. Click a Project Number to view the Project Summary page.

  1. Click the Survey tab to access the Survey File Details page.
  1. Click the Feature Viewer box.

The Survey Viewer page displayed active link to open the Survey Viewer

  1. Click on the Open Survey Viewer link

The survey viewer will be launched in a new window as illustreated below

Map Components and Navigation

  • Map Slider
Map slider Components











  • Survey Widget Tool Bar
Survey Map Widgets

Layer List Widget

Identify Widget

  • Map Scale

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