Electronic Airport Layout Plan (eALP) - Delegation Management - Application level

This page allows ADO/Region/HQ manager to delegate and set permissions for persons who are responsible for reviewing, approving, and coordinating on all eALP projects.If you need to delegate a personnel for only a specific eALP project, see Electronic Airport Layout Plan (eALP) - Delegation - Project level.


You can access the Delegation management page on the application level in two ways:

Method 1:

  1. From the main Airports GIS page hover your mouse over Administration to display the menu.

  2. Click Delegation Management.

Method 2:

  1. From the Administration block on the main Airports GIS page click the More administration tools hyperlink.

  2. From the Administrator Tools page, click Delegation Management.



From the Delegation Management page, make sure you click the drop-down arrow on the Application drop-down box and select the appropriate application you need to schedule for the coordination. This example uses eALP.

From the Delegation Management page, you can delegate any user based at your office. As shown in the example below, the top block, All Users for Delegation, lists all of the personnel you can delegate to work on the eALP. The second block, eALP Delegation Users, lists users selected as delegates.


Delegating Users

  1. From the All Users for Delegation block, click the name of the user you want to designate as a delegate.

  2. If you need to simplify your search for user names, click Add Filter, enter filter information in any column, and click Apply Filter.

  3. Select a user by clicking the user's name in the User Name column.

    The system pops up a window asking you to set the authorization level for this user.

  4. Click one or any combination of authorizations you need to set for this user (authority to view, update, approve (requires "update" authority), or coordinate a MOS), and click Submit.

The system adds this user to the delegation system. Scroll down to the eALP Delegation Users block and you'll see this user in the table. You can edit this user's authorizations at any time. Note these settings apply across every eALP project and override the delegation on the project level.


Editing the delegation

The Delegation Users block at the bottom of the Delegation Management page shows the list of delegated users and their authority levels like the example below (This example uses MOS):

  1. To change or edit the authority for any of the listed delegation users, click the boxes in the View, Update, Approval, and Coordinate columns.

  2. To save your changes, click Save / Update.

  3. To see information for each user, click on a name.

    The system displays an information box like the following:

  4. To close this box, click Close.


Deleting users from the delegation

  1. To delete a user from the delegation list, click the delete link on that user's row.

    The system pops up a window asking you to confirm your decision.

  2. Click OK.

    The system removes that user from the eALP Delegation Users table.

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