Delegate a Consultant or Surveyor

This function is available to the Airport Sponsor and Multiple Airports Authority roles, after a project is initiated and assigned a project number.

(Note screenshots are for illustration only.)

To assign a consultant or a surveyor to your project:

On the Project Summary page, under the Surveyor or Consultant Information section, the system notes, “There are no Surveyor or Consultants associated with this project.”

  1. Select the Add/Modify link.

The Add/Modify Project Surveyors or Consultants page lists all available surveyors or consultants on the Airports GIS system.

  1. Select the surveyor or consultant to assign them to your project.

The surveyor or consultant is now assigned to your project.

You can delegate another surveyor or consultant or remove one from your project.

  1. Click the Project Summary tab to refresh your project page.

Your assigned surveyor or consultant is now posted.

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