Question: How and when should I populate the heightAboveRunway attribute of the Obstacle feature class?

Answer: Populate the heightAboveRunway attribute for all obstacles within a Vertically Guided Runway Primary Surface (VGRPS), Vertically Guided Primary Connection Surface (VGPCS), Vertically Guided Approach Transitional Surface (VGATS), Vertically Guided Approach Surface (VGAS) or Vertically Guided Protection Surface (VGPS) associated with a specific runway.

The height should be the difference between the height of the obstacle and the elevation of the runway at the nearest point along the runway's centerline. Enter the distance in U.S. Survey Feet.

For obstacles on the side of a runway, the nearest point will be a perpendicular point along the centerline.

For obstacles not along the side of a runway, the nearest point will be the closest Runway End point.

For obstacles that do not fall within the Obstruction Identification Surfaces (OIS) listed above, enter 0.

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