Question: What is the overall objective of AC 150/5300-18B?

Answer: AC 150/5300-18B defines requirements for collecting and structuring Airports GIS data so it meets the needs of the FAA. Many airports had input to the AC along the way, so it meets many (but not necessarily all) airports’ GIS data requirements.

The ACs define how data is to be collected and submitted regardless of whether or not the airport has been surveyed in the past. Once a compliant survey is complete, the FAA expects the airport to keep its data up-to-date, and to submit new compliant data when projects that impact the airport's configuration are completed. How an airport stores their Airports GIS data for internal use, and what procedures airport staff use to maintain this data are up to the airport. Many airports elect to use the data model in AC 150/5300-18B as a base on which to expand.

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