Question: How should Obstruction Identification Surfaces be associated with a specific Runway and Runway End?

Answer: The runwayDesignator and runwayEndDesignator attributes have been added to the Obstruction Identification Surface feature class in the version of AC150-5300-18B dated May 21, 2009.

Populate the runwayDesignator attribute with a valid runway designator (for example, 22R/4L) for the Vertically Guided Runway Primary Surface (VGRPS), Vertically Guided Primary Connection Surface (VGPCS), and Vertically Guided Approach Transitional Surface (VGATS).

Populate the runwayEnd attribute with a valid runway designator (for example, 22R) for the Vertically Guided Approach Surface (VGAS) and Vertically Guided Protection Surface (VGPS).

For other surfaces, leave these attributes blank.

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